Podcast # 11 – The Impact of MOOCs on Teaching and Marketing


“They will change the way we all approach teaching.”

This is what Vincent Mangematin, a professor at France’s Grenoble Ecole de Management, told me on FIR on Higher Education episode 11.

MOOCs are certainly causing disruption. Mangematin wrote in the Financial Times that MOOCs will leave behind a trail of failed global business schools. He elaborated on this piece in the podcast episode and addressed how academics should innovate in the way they go about presenting knowledge and fostering learning. He also discussed how marketers can use MOOCs as an opportunity to position programs and their school’s brand.

In our reports segment, I discuss how Wabash College used social media to raise over $465,000 in one day, while technology correspondent Harry Hawk discusses how he uses hashtags in the classroom.

About Vincent Mangematin

Vincent Mangematin is associate dean of research and senior professor of management and technology at the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. Vincent’s research interest focuses on innovation processes in technological competition situations. He has successively worked on technology transfer, especially individuals’ movement between organizations and technology platforms, on creation and growth of high-tech startups, on clusters’ influence and on the emergence of new business models.

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Storytelling from your student and client’s perspective

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We’ve all grown accustomed to marketing content in which the organization applauds itself for its innovation and benefits. In a typical university setting, common overused buzzwords that schools highlight on their web sites are cutting-edge research (where did that term come from anyway?), world-class faculty (in other words, anyone that has earned a PhD), and “elite / leading” (in comparison, to what!?). What is your reaction to this type of content? For me, it generally is a yawn. Continue reading

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Why Public Relations Practitioners Need to Be Organizational Educators

To educate

In the old days, it was simple for us communicators. Do some media training for just a few of the top spokespeople in the organization and ensure everyone is on message. Then work on coming up with a story, pitch it in the press and receive a positive clip. Finally, send it to a few people and pat yourself on the back.

As we know, that’s all changed. The digital communications revolution has dramatically impacted the way we reach audiences and handle crises. In light of this, there has been a great deal of chatter about how public relations professionals need to innovate and transform in the way they do their jobs. In this new landscape, I believe we must embrace the role of being an educator.

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Podcast 10: Disrupting Executive Education – The World Economic Forum’s New Forum Academy

Podcast_episode10Every January, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is in the news headlines as leaders meet in Davos, Switzerland to address some of the pressing issues facing the world. The WEF is also know for its thought leadership and research. Now, the organization is expanding into executive education.

The new Forum Academy is launching its inaugural course on Global Information Technology this June and then several other additional offerings throughout the year. Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director at the WEF and the person leading the Forum Academy project, discusses this initiative and offers analysis about online learning in episode 10 of FIR on Higher Education.

In our reports section, I share additional thoughts about the challenges and opportunities facing traditional executive education providers and online disruptors, while technology correspondent Harry Hawk talks about integrating Vine in the classroom.

About Jeremy Jurgens

Jeremy Jurgens is Managing Director and Chief Information and Interaction Officer at the World Economic Forum. He is leading the Forum Academy initiative. Jeremy graduated with a master’s degree in education from Harvard University and has held various senior level roles at the WEF since 1999.

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Re-thinking where you live and pursuing goals

Lake GenevaAre you happy where you live at the moment? Are you able to pursue your goals – both personal and professional – in the current place you live?

I am contemplating this question as I sit on a bench overlooking Lake Geneva and the mountains (pictured to the left) in a small village town outside of Lausanne, Switzerland. It is always great to write and then look up to see wonderful views of the mountains and lake for further inspiration. For eight years, I called Switzerland my home (two different stints from 2001 – 2011). Continue reading

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Podcast # 9: Building Online Community and Mobilizing Ambassadors to Promote New Books

Gini DietrichAre you a new author and thinking about innovative ways to market your book? If yes, then you will want to listen to episode 9 of FIR on Higher Education.

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Teens, Visual Storytelling and Higher Education Communications

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It is no surprise that young people are fleeing Facebook in favor of other social media sites. In fact, Facebook even announced their concern about this during an earnings announcement last year.

It seems like there are new studies out on a regular basis showing the most used social media sites among particular demographics. The latest one I came across is from Piper Jaffray, an investment bank and asset management firm. Their study of 7,500 teens in the US shows that Instagram is the most used social site among this age group. Continue reading

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