FIR on Higher Education Podcast – Episode 4: A Discussion with Jonah Berger about Why Things Catch On

ContagiousBlenders – they are one of least remarkable items out there. However, a series of catchy videos produced by Blendtec generated millions of views. How does this happen? How can you get your content to go viral? Is it by chance or is there a science to it?

Professor Jonah Berger, author of the best-selling book Contagious, has researched this topic and introduced a framework about why things catch on. He shares this framework on episode 4 of FIR on Higher Education and discusses how he applied his own ideas in marketing and selling his book. His insights apply to communicators and thought leaders on how they can most effectively promote their ideas.

In our news and tips section, Harry Hawk looks at College of America and I discuss university online pressrooms.

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About Kevin Anselmo

Kevin Anselmo is the Founder and Principal of Experiential Communications, a consultancy focused on education. He helps brands within academia - whether individual or corporate - communicate with stakeholders. He also teaches communications and public relations workshops to different individuals and groups and just launched an online media training program for academics. Previously, Kevin was Director of Public Relations for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and prior to that managed the media relations for IMD Business School in Switzerland. In addition, he was an adjunct communications professor at Nyack College in New York. Currently based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Kevin lived and worked in Switzerland for eight years and in Germany for two years. He has led public relations initiatives in various countries around the world.
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