Hi there,

Thanks for visiting this blog. Let me summarize my four communication pillars and how they relate to you, regardless of where you are in your career and/or educational journey.

1. Triangular PR
2. Thought leadership (Every organization is a media company / Every person can be a thought leader)
3. Lifelong self-learning
4. Global awareness

These are the pillars that have defined my past experiences (12 plus years working in communications in a start-up, sports and business education environment). These pillars motivate me in my current role managing the public relations activities for Duke University’s business school. They are reflected throughout the posts in the blog and will be incorporated into future assignments related to consulting and education.

Triangular PR involves creating content that is king at the top. This content must be aligned to marketing objectives while also creating visibility and brand awareness, which represent the edges of the triangle.

Social media enthralls me, and I am a strong advocate of the principle that every organization (yes, including yours) is a media company, regardless of the industry. At the same time, every person (yes, including you) can be a thought leader, constantly developing their respective gigs.

I believe that what we learned in the past was good for yesterday, perhaps relevant for today and most likely out of date for the future. We need to permanently be enrolled in lifelong learning using the resources at our disposal so we can further develop as individuals and professionals.

The intersection of globalization and communication shapes the world around us. Every day, we are more and more connected with our fellow global citizens. We need to always be learning about what is happening in different parts of the world so that we may be better informed communicators, professionals, students and members of society.

I get bored by dry lectures and stale, corporate writing. I strive to help organizations and individuals communicate effectively and realize their potential as self-broadcasters and self-learners. I enjoy running classroom sessions to help students of various ages experience communications. (You can watch a session I led at a Duke University alumni event).

Enjoy my blog and I look forward to interacting with you.

– Kevin Anselmo

ps – If you are interested in learning more about my background and work experiences, check out my LinkedIn profile. You can also follow me on Twitter: @kevinanselmo or email me: kevin.anselmo(at)gmail.com.

Finally, I should note that the original blog content represents my personal views and has nothing to do with any organization with whom I have or had a business relationship. Any comments on blog posts are the views and opinions of the commenters, for which they take responsibility.


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