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Public relations advice for Bashar al-Assad

Dear Mr. al-Assad, It is with the utmost sadness and frustration that I have been following the horrible war in your country over the years. I studied your Instagram account and other social media properties in detail on the same day that … Continue reading

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Bucking the western trends – the media landscape in India

Trivia – which newspaper listed has the highest circulation? a)     The Times of London b)     The New York Times c)     The Wall Street Journal d)     The Times of India

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Communications advice from Mexico’s Tourism Secretary – “Focus on your Assets”

Let’s play word association – what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Mexico? Do you think of Mexico’s beautiful beaches? Immigration? Danger? Or do you think about some other unique and positive … Continue reading

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Communicating impact as a global think tank

We all want our communications to generate impact among our audiences. But how does one do that when your key audience is Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and other prominent policy makers? Tom Carver contemplates this question as the head … Continue reading

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Global education in your own backyard

The questions were a combination of basic, naive and cute. But as an underprivileged group of 8th grade students in Durham, North Carolina watched country profile videos and interacted with Duke Cross Continent MBA students from India, Spain, Qatar and China, it … Continue reading

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Celebrating Petra and learning from the Nabateans during the US presidential campaign

Saturday, August 25th was the deadliest day of fighting in Syria as over 300 deaths were reported. Yet the news cycle in the United States focused on the latest slander and pettiness from the US presidential election. Most all of … Continue reading

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