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Podcast # 9: Building Online Community and Mobilizing Ambassadors to Promote New Books

Are you a new author and thinking about innovative ways to market your book? If yes, then you will want to listen to episode 9 of FIR on Higher Education. Advertisements

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Podcast Episode 5: Discussion with Editor Jenny Rooney on How to Work With Forbes’ CMO Network

What does it take to become a contributor on Forbes’ CMO Network? What does a busy editor look for in a pitch? Jenny Rooney, CMO Editor at Forbes, shares insights on these questions and talks about ways she works with … Continue reading

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University online pressrooms – best practice examples

University communicators – how is your online pressroom? Is it meeting journalists’ expectations? If your media site is like the average, then according to a new survey your site needs some revamping. A study led by Proactive Report and Press Feed found … Continue reading

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Trust and higher education – lessons for academics, presidents and communicators

We all know how important trust is for any aspect of life: personal, work and education. Edelman, the global public relations firm, has been surveying the trust levels of the public for the last 14 years through the Edelman Trust … Continue reading

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Public relations advice for Bashar al-Assad

Dear Mr. al-Assad, It is with the utmost sadness and frustration that I have been following the horrible war in your country over the years. I studied your Instagram account and other social media properties in detail on the same day that … Continue reading

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How to organize a media roundtable

Experts and public relations professionals interested in building media relationships + a group of targeted journalists + good food and drink = successful media roundtable. This above formula is a rather simplistic way to go about organizing a media roundtable. … Continue reading

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Unpersonalized communication in our relational times

SPAM. Unsolicited emails. Unpersonalized invitations. Untargeted press releases. Odds are you received some of these types of communication in the last couple of hours. You may have received a message that might have the appearance of being personalized, yet a … Continue reading

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